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Whether a beginner at drawing or advanced "Drawing Toolbox" has valuable information to HELP YOU RELAX and DRAW WITHOUT HINDERANCEThis eBook gets straight to the point and answers many common questions like:

How do you draw people at a cafe or on the train when they are moving?
How do you know when a drawing is finished?
What are good drawing practices besides figure drawing?
When drawing, how long should I look at the subject and how long should I look at the paper?

Even if you never considered yourself an artist but would love to DRAW LIKE A PROthis book provides information to help you GET BEYOND BLOCKS

"Drawing Toolbox" provides answers to these questions and more!


Heres what people are saying about "Drawing Toolbox Ebook"

Thanks for the “Drawing Toolbox” ebook. I read through it last night
and must say there is some very good advice for beginners and even
those with some experience drawing. Your points regarding drawing from
life, working through the self-doubt, studying varied types of art
work past and present, and working to build self-confidence are spot
on. I appreciate the candid examples of your own experiences
highlighting your artistic journey. A quick read, easy to absorb and
very down to earth – nicely done (as are your drawings). Keep up the
great work!

Ken T.
New Jersey


Thanks for the fast reply. I got the ebook. I already watched the video
and i have to say i like it. I will start to make this exercise a daily
routine. Very nice video. The ball is in my court now, so to speak. Keep
up your work.

Greetings from Germany,


I am 59 years old. I have drawn off and on for most of those years. My line work has always lacked confidence. I would scratch over and over lines, almost carving the paper. When I came across your Drawing Toolbox Ebook online I was hoping I could gain the drawing confidence that was lacking. I have drawn a few times since reading it and I can already see improvement. I can draw my cat, or my hand, or anything,  with fewer lines, lines that are more expressive than before. If anyone out there is looking for a way to improve their drawing, I would whole heartedly recommend your Ebook and videos.

Please do add me to your newsletter.


Norman McGinnis



"One of the FASTEST and best ways to LEARN" besides taking classes is to watch INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS! 

I've learned lots watching downloadable videos. The reason this format is so powerful is because you can watch it over and over until you've got it.

I created this Reportage (on-location) Drawing at a cafe for a class demonstration. I painted the drawing later at my studio with watercolors and filmed the entire painting process to create an instructional video that will be available soon in the "Store" section of this site. The aim of the video will be to make advanced methods and techniques "Simple!"

Among the topics covered in the video are:

Color Theory - Learn how to mix colors fast and simple!!!!
Color Palette - Learn how to use 3 colors to make your paintings come alive!!!!
Shadows       - Learn how to paint convincing shadows!!!!  
Exercises      - Practice the exercises that will put you on the path to great paintings!!!!
and MUCH More!

What you get:

Watercolor Painting Feature (Demonstration & Lecture)


DEMO PAINING A GLASS VASE (Demonstration only)

The video consist of a full demonstration, lecture and exercises.

Watercolor Painting 
1 hour 20 min Painting Demonstration and Lecture Video -  Plus 4 Bonus Painting Demonstration Videos
$89.00  $65.99  (you save $30) LIMITED TIME ONLY!!



Drawings of Random People Vol. 1 By Dawood Sekhem


Dawood Marion Drawings of Random People Vol. 1 by Dawood Marion

An 80 page collection of drawings created by Dawood Marion while riding public transit, sitting at cafes and other sites. All drawings were from observation and done on-location. Printed on premium high quality acid-free opaque paper.

80 Pages

Soft cover
Standard paper
ISBN: 978-0-615-61291-1



11 Herbs For Beginners


Written and illustrated by: Dawood Sekhem

11 Herbs For Beginners was created with the person just getting into herbs in mind. These are 11 common and powerful herbs that will help introduce you to the world of medicinal herbs and how they are beneficial. From Bronchial Asthma and Heart Attacks to the "common cold" and skin issues, 11 Herbs For Beginners is a great resource to help anyone get started with natural remedies.

Helpful information like:

-    Valerian Root can help you sleep like a baby
-    Cayanne Pepper can help to stop a heart attack
-    Mullien is a remedy for bronchial asthma

This book presents 11 powerful herbs that anyone interested in alternative medicine should know about. You will learn the benefits, common uses, common preparations, commonly used parts of the herb and it's botanical names.

Medicine & Science

24 pages
Standard Paper
Soft cover
Small Square, 7 x 7in. (18 x 18cm)



Contour & Blind Contour Drawing 

"Instructional Video Download"

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Contour and Blind Contour drawing are the MOST POWERFUL exercises that put you on the path to drawing freely and BOLD. These exercises help you to loosen up and DRAW WITH CONFIDENCE. You will learn how to draw what you see in life without using erasers. Contour Drawing will help you build your endurance to draw for longer periods of time as well as recording more information in shorter periods of time.

This is a video download, after the payment process you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to download the video to your computer. 

Running time: 13 minutes 23 seconds



Warm-Up Drawing 

"Instructional Video Download"

Item Number: DTB-WUDD001  

About this item:

Warm-up Drawing are is a great habit for MORE PRODUCTIVE drawing sessions. The exercise and information in this video will help you develop a practice that I have used and taught my students for almost a decade, which has produced GREAT RESULTS.   This video will show the method I use when preparing for drawing session which gets the hand-eye coordination flowing while enhancing observation skills

This is a video download, after the payment process you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to download the video to your computer. 

Running time: 8 minutes







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BIC Velocity Bold BallPoint Pen 1.6

I really like the BIC Velocity because it has a 1.6 point which is the boldest I've seen in ballpoints. The BIC Velocity flows smooth and creamy across the page.