Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Elder Human Female

This beautiful human caught my eye during my commute from teaching about 10 minutes before she got off the bus. I saw the age, wisdom and expression on her face and had to capture it with a rather fast shutter speed (quick drawing). I wanted to add more shadows to her face but there just wasn't enough time to get "honest" ones... other wise I would have been making them up from imagination which would have taken away for the truth of the moment. She glanced at me a couple times while I drew her but I wasn't sure that she was on to me - Ha Ha.

I was listening to a new, relaxing, meditation music selection in my new noise canceling headphones which helped achieve getting into the zone quite immediately. Between the music and a calming breathing pattern I was able to leave this world for ten minutes and create a human on my paper. I really like the lines in this drawing. I actually surprised myself when I applied the first set of wrinkles at the jawline to the left of the chin. It was a treat to watch this drawing unfold. My favorite part was creating the illusion of the eyes being recessed between the heavy brow muscles and pudgy cheeks.

Beautiful Elder Human Female
11 x 14
Ballpoint Pen on Archival Paper