Saturday, October 8, 2011

Man Profile Drawing...

I really liked the lines in this drawing. The man exited the bus before I could grace the drawing with shading but life happens perfectly because when I looked at it the day after, I realized it was beautiful how it was. Knowing "when to say when" is the subject here huh lol. 

I started this drawing at the nose which has been the starting point for many of my latest works. Especially the nose between the lens of glasses. I also really got into the wrinkles in his neck and at the corner of the mouth. The belt buckle seemed to have made it's own statement in this drawing as well Ha Ha. 

One more thing I'd like to point out in this drawing is the stitching on the ball cap and coat - stitching, moles, pores and patterns of hair growth have been emerging quite strongly in my recent works. It's a good challenge for me to see how delicate and careful I can be when creating these detail while on a bumpy transit bus. I find myself slowing my breath and sometimes holding it as I process the subject matter and communicate it through marks on the page, it's almost as if I'm trapped in time during those moments.

Man right profile
11 x 14
Ballpoint pen on paper