Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rat tat tat tat

I boarded the bus and grabbed a seat directly across from this man. It was extremely hot and I sat on the side of the bus where the sun was beaming through the glass. I really wasn't in the mood to draw but a couple minutes into the ride i realized I didn't have any drawings of tatted people, so I pulled my sketchbook and trusty pen (trying to be discreet because I didn't want him to see that I was about to start drawing - then he'd stare at me) and started to draw. It was hard to get into the zone because I was sweating like a Tour de' France rider, the sun was beating down on me and where I was sitting was really cramped so I didn't feel like getting my headphones out of my bag (I was drawing with no music - Unawesome!!!).

 I began to explain that I was drawing him (showed him the drawing at this time) and how I draw people everyday during my commute. The conversation was great, we exchanged info and I got off at my stop.

This was a special drawing session because normal don't show people what I'm working on (especially while I'm working). I also don't hold conversations while working (at lease I do my best to steer clear of them because it distracts me. At the end of the day I made a new friend :)

Man with tats
11 x 14
Ballpoint Pen on Archival Paper