Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fall In Love With Your Inner Child Again... (Its OK!!)

Been so busy lately - I finally had a chance to do some drawings from life today (my favorite) of real people in real situations (not figure drawing sessions). This is one of my high school drawing students at Oakland School for The Arts as she was cranking away at the page creating some incredible work. I hadn't drawn anyone from observation in a minute so when I went in on this one I was thoroughly JUICED to draw.

Thats something I have to do a video about; not doing the somethings all of the time. Lots of people think all I do is draw day in day out when thats not true at all… if that was all I did I would get bored and lock up (block). I use to believe that if I draw, force myself to draw, or sit and think of drawing when I'm not drawing that I would inevitably get better at it, "WRONG!" Actually I do lots of creative projects from painting, to sculpture, shooting films, editing footage, decoupage (YEP!! - I have a jar of modge podge), sewing and creating clothes, photographing life (trees, nature), dancing, teaching (it's actually a source of great inspiration), digital drawing and paintings, photo manipulation (photoshop fun), visiting creative reuse depots (thrift store - Goodwill Salvation Army even dumpster diving and tons of other fun stuff. I have also learned to get reacquainted with my inner creative chile and simple go to the lake, lay on the grass and watch the ants wondering what it must be like to be that small with a giant human staring at me :)

You have to have fun or your work will suffer. I'll say that again, "YOU HAVE TO HAVE FUN OR YOUR WORK WILL SUFFER."