Friday, March 2, 2012

Drawing my workshop students

This lady was drawing me as I was drawing her during one of my workshops in San Francisco. So Cute! She spoke no english at all and just watched me in the beginning, I thought she wasn't interested but after my demonstrations she grabbed a pencil and drew with me with a concentration as if she was an old master. I mean she drew with confidence! She looked up at me every other second didn't seem a bit nervous as to what I may have thought about her skill level. At  the end she showed me the drawing, stared at me deeply  and bursted into a cloud of laughter when I began to smile. It was so cute how she grabbed the drawing and spoke about it in chinese though I don't know a word of it... wonder if she caught on to that by my nonverbal smiles and nods. A true golden moment in time where art created a friendship that would have otherwise probably not have happened.

Elderly Asian Lady Drawing me
Ballpoint Pen on Paper

This lady was one of my students drawing her hands as a warm-up for class at Sharon Art Studio in San Francisco.
Ballpoint Pen on Paper