Thursday, July 26, 2012

Live your making

Drawing on the train is one of my favorite workout routines. In this photo I was drawing the girl next to me in the red coat. It was her birthday week and her mom (the lady in the back filming with her phone) saw me drawing and wanted to commission me for a portrait of her daughter done on-site. You know me, I accepted. There was a crowd of people standing around as they had heard the conversation and wanted to see me action.

The ride was bumpy, the noise was loud but I did my best and produced a classic for her to take home and frame.

I remember the days when use to struggle to Make A Living, now I LIVE MY MAKING and day by day life just gets sweeter. Things are unfolding all of the time. New stuff to learn, places to travel, people to meet. Now I'm done writing my first book on drawing (which will be downloadable on by August 20th) and my creativity is soaring!