Monday, August 20, 2012

Drawing Toolbox is available for download

If you want to gain confidence in your drawing abilities without going through unnecessary loops...
If you never considered yourself an artist but would love to draw pictures of what you see in life this book can provide priceless information. 

Whether a beginner at drawing or advanced, artist/ educator Dawood Marion's "Drawing Toolbox" has quality information that has been proven to help you loosen up and draw more confident. This eBook gets straight to the point and answers many of the questions Dawood has been asked over the years by his students. 

Questions like:
How do you draw people on the cafe or on the train when they are moving?
How do you know when a drawing is finished?
What are good drawing practices besides figure drawing?
When drawing, how long should I look at the subject and how long should I look at my drawing?

"Drawing Toolbox" provides answers to these questions and more!

This book is straight to the point! No long chapters where the author is rambling about stuff that is not going to get you where you need to go. I go right to the important information and move to the next topic, simple as that :)