Friday, August 31, 2012

Motivational journal entry...

Conceive - Believe - Achieve

I remember when I was in grade school, I would here this from adults like the principal and thought it was mere fluffy stuff that adults were supposed to say. 

I know now they were right

Conceive - Believe - Achieve

All of us do this 
We all conceive an idea
Believe in it
Then achieve it.

but what ideas are we Conceiving - Believing and Achieving?

The Great Les Brown says "It's not that people aim too high and miss - it's that they aim too low and hit." 

I remember aiming only for what I thought I was able to accomplish. Then I learned to set my goals higher so I could grow. 

Conceive - Believe - Achieve

Self Improvement is my new love
and as I improve myself and escalate to higher levels of awareness and discipline, I help those around me do the same. 

First you Conceive an idea

Then Believe that you can do it

Now go out and Achieve it.

Look at it this way - 
If there are others with blood skin and bones who have done it
then I can as well.