Sunday, October 7, 2012

I created a New Sketchbook!!

So I am approaching the completion of filling my first sketchbook with drawings and paintings, now I have created another sketchbook. This is my fourth sketchbook created by my own hands; I created the first one for myself, one was for a family member and another I created for Humble King in Florida who saw the photos I posted of the first book and commission me to create one for him (Thanks for your support Humble King!!) This new book is created of the same vegetable-tanned leather but this time I dyed the leather with a saddle tan and added a polish protective finish which really juices up the tan dye giving it luster.

Oh I can hardly wait to have a volume or about 20 - 40 of these sketchbooks on my bookshelf filled with my drawings and paintings. When I reach 50 sketchbooks I will have a room built in my house for them to be stored. Perhaps I will name it Sketch Mahal:)

Time to draw!! After I get some sleep (it's 4am).

Here is a shot of the leather after I dyed and polished it just before sewing in the paper (on the left). You can see a difference between the new dyed polished leather and my first book in the right. The first book not being coated with a protective polish collected scratches and stains, but I still love it blemishes and all.

Here are "some" of the supplies I used to create this book. Not showing is the wax, protective leather polish, ruler and paper roll... wait, I guess you can slightly see the paper roll in the back.

Here is a video showing the drawings and paintings in my first book.