Thursday, January 31, 2013

New song!!

Here is another song I made. These songs I've been creating are the type of music I like to draw to. I've been searching for music that doesn't have words for a while now. I stopped listening to wordy music about a year ago because I realized it interfered with my thought process. I wanted my own thoughts to be clear and not contaminated with suggestive lyrics. So recently I've been recording songs. I think we all have music in our hearts, some tune into theirs and create audio music from those inner tunes. Others hum, or whistle while they work. 

When I was little I would hang out in my bedroom on sunny afternoons, laying on my back holding one of my favorite toys and catch songs as they passed through my mind and sing them. This was something I did quite often and was a powerful form of therapy though I had no idea of the depth of what I was doing. The healing factor of music is incredible. I remember after about an hour or so of singing, whistling and humming as I drew pictures I would feel a great sense of (what I now call) awareness. A great sense of relaxation, high frequency vibrations, a blissful feeling. 

I still get these feelings from drawing and creating of any form. I have been creating these songs for years as I move about the earth, living and experiencing. Mostly expressed at home. It hit me recently to start recording these melodic thoughts. So here is the product of self realization - realizing that my songs are just as beautiful as my visual art and worthy of sharing with YOU. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and having an interest in my work.
You can download this song free by clicking the download button below to the right (under the share button). enjoy:)