Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Drawing on the train in 2013/ Video Drawing Course

I haven't been posting drawings regularly lately and I will start back doing so. I've been working hard on video drawing courses that will be available soon on this site where you can get the same instruction that I've offered in my live courses and workshops. I'm really excited about getting this off the ground because I've received lots of emails and comments over the years from fans of my art who weren't able to attend my courses and workshops because they were out of state or in another country. Very soon this won't be a hinderance any longer. I also plan to mentor students who download the courses as well. Not only will you learn from the videos, you will also be able to contact me via skype or some other platform where I can personally help you develop your abilities.

This is one of the drawings I've been doing recently on the train. I've been breaking all of my rules lately by drawing with pencils (I'm notorious for telling my students to either donate their pencils to charity or throw them away) and even more drastic, I've been using a mechanical pencil (a super Mr. D no no as my 8th graders would say). I've been using pencils to break up the monotony. I really love the way this drawing developed... it's favorite of the 2013 so far. Thanks for viewing and reading this blog post and if you are interested in the upcoming video courses, send me an email and I will add you to the growing list of people who will be notified once videos are available for download. Thanks again for your interest.

By the way check out my 8th grade students work here at the Oakland School For The Arts - Visual Art Blog I've created for them: http://osavisualart.blogspot.com/