Friday, April 12, 2013

Drawing Public Transit 4

The latest installment of the "Drawing On Public Transit Series" is released featuring my latest acapella song "Metrophyzix" at the end of the film. I'm getting so many great ideas right now. Everyone who has been visiting the blog make sure you click on the "follow this site" button in the left column because if you like what you see on this site, this is only the beginning. You will also want to subscribe to my youtube channel as I have a tornado of creative inspiration coming down the pike and I want you to be in on it.

This is a very raw film with the environmental sounds of the transit bus hitting bumps and making stops as the driver announces the streets. I wanted the sound of this film to really bring you into the ride as I drew a man that was sitting across from me. I don't show a photo of the passenger because I didn't get a chance to connect with him before he exited the bus. With the sound, the shakes of the camera and the shafts of light & shadow periodically washing across page I this was an adventurous and gritty change from my other, more steady films.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.