Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Character design from creative figure drawing

18 x 24
Ink & watercolor on archival paper

This is a character design that became one of my Creative Figure Drawing sessions. Creative Figure Drawing is a practice used in the fields of illustration, animation, film and others. 

I used the live, nude figure model as a structural basis to build my design upon. The way in which I draw and Teach Drawing, using the Direct Line, makes it a fun and wondrous process to imagine into the design of the drawing without have any prior planning or previously conceived ideas of the outcome.

This drawing took about 25 - 30 minutes to draw and detail. This is only a light pass at detail. If I were to take this character design further, there would be more layers of detail conceptualized and add. However in a Creative Figure Drawing session you are able to pen & brush up an idea the move onto the next post and design. With the proper approach to drawing you can create lots of designs in one 3 hour session.

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