Monday, November 2, 2009

New Sketchbook!!! (for painting)

It's always been a comforting event to purchase a new sketchbook. Recently I bought a new sketchbook. I decided to get a Moleskine since I am painting a lot more. I needed a book that would be small enough to fit in my back pack but still provide heavy weight paper for acrylics and other mediums. They do cost more than the average book of it's size (5” x 8 ¼”) but when you look at it like carrying lots of little canvases on the go, it all make more sense. So far so good - this is my first painted sketch in the book and it handed the acrylics well. It's a painting of my wife on the laptop adding music to her iphone.

I will be purchasing more of these books in the future although it will take a good while before I finish this book. I will be painting over images that I am not pleased with. This is a technique I picked up from look at the online sketchbooks of "Kent Williams." It's very important that you look at other artists and learn from them, pick up good habits etc.