Thursday, October 6, 2011

Drawing on the bus as usual :)

I did this drawing during my commute returning from teaching today on the transit bus. This was a very difficult drawing to complete because she kept looking up at me every few minutes as she was busy on her smart phone. Not sure if she liked what she saw or just checking to see if I was looking at her. I had to really connect with her energy to be able to know when she was going to look at me. Don't know if she knew what I was doing. We did eventually make eye contact once or twice, after the second time she changed her position drastically so I started another drawing of someone else to give her a break so when she would look up I wouldn't be looking at her. After about 6-8mins she turned back in position and I turned the page back to complete the drawing of her.

She had a beautiful spirit as she smile apparently because of what someone was texting her. Her smile would linger on her face as she would stop reading texts momentarily to glance out the window of the transit bus.

Beautiful girl on transit
11 x 14
Ballpoint Pen on Paper