Friday, March 23, 2012

New Subject Matter... Dreaming

Drawing figures from imagination. So this is like almost foreign to me; drawing with pencil. I haven't been drawing for about a month (going through a tremendous life change) however yesterday I stopped by a stationary (I can't pass up a stationary store without stopping in - just not going to happen.. EVER OKAY?!!!) store in San Francisco and purchased a really nice 6B pencils (just to buy myself something hoping it would stimulate some creativity). When I returned home that pencil called me to my new sketchbook I bought a month ago (before the hiatus) which I had only wrote some astrology chart stuff in so far. This drawing took about 2.5 - 3 hours and it just came out in one long session (no interruptions). 

There are some figures (male and Female), planets and a rope. I have started on another drawing with the same type of theme and style. I'm still meditating on what it all means. So far, I do know it has to do with how most men operate on a low vibrational level (typically giving in to there lower desires). The drawings to come will express this observation more. 

So much deeper
Pencil and Ballpoint on Archival Paper