Monday, April 2, 2012

Reading. No Drawing. NO READING!!!! NOOOOO DRAAAAAWING!!!!!!!

This was a quick 8-10 min drawing I did on the bus today. Hadn't road the bus in a while which is why I haven't been posting my infamous ballpoint pen drawings of people on public transit. 

Anyhow, this lady was sitting across from me and was so deep into her book, I didn't feel like it at the time but I still pulled my book and began to wiggle the pen to see what would happen. This was the first drawing of this level of detail I've done in over a month, it was fun.

By the way, "reading" on the bus and train has been taking the place of my drawing. Recently a strong love for reading has gotten hold of me and now my sketchbook and reading material are at war. The problem is when I am reading, my curiosity of who is getting on the train or bus disturbs my reading. I can't help but to look to see if it's someone with an interesting look that I may want to draw. So I end up re-reading sentences and paragraphs over Ha ha. It's really funny how when I leave my sketchbook at home, the train is full of interesting characters and when I leave my reading material at home, I don't see anyone I want to draw.

Lady Reading On Public Transit
Ballpoint on paper
Dawood 2012