Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Train drawings to Sketchbook paintings: Building a rhythm

So I've been vigorously improving my drawing ability for about 4-6 years now. My Master (mentor) said I should focus on drawing and gain strength there before moving on to painting, I also read this advice from John Singer Sargent. I've dibbled in paints a little over these years but nothing consistent. I've been more into line aesthetics than anything else, though in the back of my mind I really wanted to paint, I kept telling myself,"Not yet - in due time." The child artist inside didn't want to hear that.

 I'd noticed some of my favorite painters did it every day, they'd warm up and paint away for hours, just as I did with drawing. I tried this from time to time but just hadn't built of a rhythm. I would get on a painting kick and it would be great for a week or two and then CRASH!! Back to the drawing book. Where drawing spontaneously weaves in and out of my daily schedule due to that nature of my primary style (fast/ quick captures from life), painting is something I have to find and make blocks of time for.  Well looks like that train has finally pulled in because I am painting regularly now and it feels good, not forced. I figured I'd start with these sketchbook studies and build up to full size paintings. This is the fun stage!! Where I get to see myself go through many styles until one fits, sticks and I evolve with it just as I did with drawing. I like to see the marriage between the line and paint, I don't burying my beloved pen strokes under the paint completely, the painting has outlets here and there where the drawing can breathe:)