Friday, August 10, 2012

Gain Confidence In Your Drawing

I've been creating so much it seems to be hard to only post on this blog the widely recommended once or twice per week. I have so much to share!! The good thing is that I have decided to dedicate this year to getting this energy and information to the public in the form of books, ebooks and inspirational and instructional videos via the web. Stay connected to and you'll learn the methods that I've used to reach the level I'm at in drawing.

This was done in maybe 10 mins riding the bus to the art store. I actually amaze myself with the level of detail I am able to obtain in such short time and without the subject knowing that I'm drawing them. There are simple steps that if practiced will produce this level skill in your work. I've been teaching drawing for over six years and I've seen my student's work skyrocket in a matter of hours. 

I've added many of the secrets of drawings in my eBook "Drawing Toolbox." Well I say secrets but they really aren't secrets, these are methods that have been practiced for hundreds of years and are so simple to grasp and understand as opposed to the complex theories taught in universities they virtually remain a secret. That simple!

If you are interested in learning how to gain more confidence in your drawing click on the green "Contact" button to the left and send me a message including your name, email address and a brief statement about yourself and what type of work you do or are interested in doing. I will respond to you with in 72 hours.