Thursday, August 9, 2012

Check out my book Drawings of Random People

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This video is a promotion of my art books of drawings of random people I produced while riding public transit and other places. Drawings of Random people is the first volume of many to come.

Inspiration is the cornerstone of what helped me be successful in gaining confidence in my drawing. This book Drawings of Random People will provide lots of inspiration!

Here is a book review by Artist Lisa Graham:
August 2012

Drawings of Random People vol. 1 by Dawood Marion is one of those art books you can just sit and look through with pure delight for hours and hours of inspiration and enjoyment. It is packed full of wonderful drawings of the people Dawood encounters in public places and these drawings seem to come alive off the page with every visible line, squiggle and smudge. This is an 8x10" high quality book with 80 full-page drawings...every single one of them in Dawood's signature contemporary style. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this book!

Lisa Graham - Artist
Wichita, Kansas

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