Friday, November 16, 2012

Message To My Fellow Artists

Work on yourself 
work on yourself as much if not more than you work on your art
work on your spiritual development
life has many layers beyond what we can see, touch, taste, smell and physically feel

Let your art and your effort put into it serve as a symbol of your spiritual reality
Just as you stroke at a painting to reach a desired outcome
Do the same with your attitude and outlook on life
Continue to learn, seek out knowledge and understand that will help you 
take control of your reality in the same way you control a paint brush

Just as we strive to make the canvas look as we want it to 
We can and should strive to make our life look as we want it to 
Our visual art is a reflection of our inner art
Yes I said inner art
What is going on in our mind is art and we can and should take control 
to create a beautiful work of it.

You are beautiful, you need not search for beauty within yourself
Thats like walking while trying to figure out how to make your legs move
Search for ways to magnify your natural beauty
Seek and Ye Shall Find (Guaranteed)
As the saying goes "A work of art is never truly finished"

Study yourself, study life, study those you admire
With the same vigor and passion that you study your art

I have found the more I grow spiritually, the more my art becomes more pleasing to my eyes.

- Dawood (Marion) Sekhem
   Visual Artist / Educator