Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Drawing in 3D - CG Ruth Smith

I hang out with my good friend Ruth Smith every friday to draw and paint. For the past week I have been learning CG (zbrush and sculptris) so I decided to sculpt Ruth in Sculptris (a 3D software). This timelapse video shows the process through to completion. I really love the CG media and plan to master it as well over time. It's literally drawing in 3D!

My mentor told me if I focused on my drawing skills all of the other things (learning computer softwares like photoshop, etc.) would be a piece of cake - get your drawing skills up and you will have more fun with the other tools. He said that back in 2008 or so, when I was deep into concept art and trying to do digital paintings everyday - all I did was work on the computer... hardly ever on paper. When I got his advice I took it and ran with it. I ran so far and fast that I forgot about creating art with the computer until recently (I took like a 5 year hiatus from computer art). Now that my drawing skills are much stronger learning how to create in CG is like cutting butter. It's such a less painful experience than it was when I was trying to skip that most important ingredient - traditional drawing.

I've heard it time and time again and now I say it in my lectures - "The computer is only a tool - it won't do the work for you or make it look good." I've also heard other masters say, "many people rush to the paint to cover up bad drawing." I couldn't agree more! The same goes for the computer.