Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Working On The Self As SuperHero Public Mural

For the past month I've been working with AHC on the "Self As SuperHero Mural" in west oakland. We arrive at 8 am at the center, load the trucks with paint, scaffolding and other equipment, then head out to the mural site. We unload the trucks, set up the scaffoldings, get the tools to be used for the day and off to the races (we began painting).

This has been a really fun experience, I've learned a lot, made new friends and helped create a beautiful wall in West Oakland for the neighborhood to enjoy.

About the mural:
AHC went into West Oakland Schools and used a curriculum called, "Self As SuperHero" created by Amana Harris to get students to see themselves as superheros. The students designed the characters in the mural along with stories, those designs where passed to local graf artist Refa 1 to execute the final mural design.

I will post photos of the final mural once it is complete.