Wednesday, September 8, 2021


I just uploaded "Just Draw It - Episode 6." Check it out now!

I've also created a downloadable PDF with the notes that go along with the video. These notes carefully explain my process and provide tips that will definitely help your drawing skills improve. The notes have time stamps at each section so you know which part of the video I'm referring to. 

Get the notes here:


Thursday, August 19, 2021

“I want to make drawings I can be proud of showing.” 


I get it. One of the biggest hurdles between your drawing skills now and where you want them to be, is doing the right exercises. 


For years I took drawing classes, and my skills only grew just a little. And when I created drawings, I liked that it took a long time and lots of erasing.


It’s easy to look at other people and see how their drawings look “better” than yours. Then, you try to make your drawings look like theirs.


Here’s what I’ve found: you and the artists you admire spend about the same time drawing a picture. Let's say 30 mins. 


The difference is you took 30 minutes drawing that picture and they took 1000’s of hours drawing that same picture.


They’ve put in YEARS of practice to get to the point where they can draw a picture and capture lots of likeness in the same time it takes you or less. 


I bet if you look at some of their earliest drawings… They weren’t very good either.


That's good news for you!


Instead of focusing on the final product and burning so much energy on making a “perfect” drawing, just enjoy the process and do more drawing.


I LOVE when I see people improving their skills week after week. I LOVE to see the progress.


Maybe you go through a progression like this:


Drawing 1 👇

Learn how to focus only on enjoying the process


Drawing 2 👇

Learn how to focus on drawing what you actually see


Drawing 3 👇

Learn how to draw without looking at the paper


Drawing 4 👇

Learn how to draw using a pen and no eraser


Thinking about the last best drawing you made, what was it of? Why do you think it went so well?


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Drawing On The Train - JUST DRAW IT | Episode 1

In this video I create a clothed figure drawing from observation of a live model while riding the public transit train. This is a form of urban sketching that helped me learn to draw people better.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Painting G1 Transformer "Jet Fire" with watercolors

I'm working on a video which will be a full walk-through of my process of gouache watercolor painting. This will be part of my series "What to draw/paint during Covid." Technically it should be what to draw while in quarantine but I'm still working on the title.

I use watercolors with a very simple approach. Here I'm actually using gouache and I refer to them as watercolors because I'm using them like watercolors being that I'm mostly using them translucently and not opaque.

After scanning in the drawing I decided to paint on a xerox copy of the original drawing that way I can test out different styles, colors and effects on the same drawing. The original drawing was done with using a ballpoint pen which I use for most of my work. 
In the tutorial video you get chance to see my entire process from start to finish. Here I'm laying down the first pass of paint. In the video I keep a reference image of the actual toy that I'm painting so that you can follow allow easier.
 Here is the final painting. I like the final work so much that I created a t-shirt with it. Toys are a really cool subject to draw while in quarantine because the are literally art themselves. How can you resist. Well I'm a toy geek so that explains my side. I will upload video footage to Youtube soon. Subscribe to my channel to get notifications here: >>> SUBSCRIBE <<<


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


New short video where I'm back drawing on the train again. I also reveal how I have virtually no mistakes in my drawings! Check it out!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Drawing and Painting Optimus Prime Action Figure For Exercises :)

I these two videos I show my process of drawing and painting one of my favorite toys the MP10 Optimus Prime Transformer action figure. I did this purely for drawing exercise and want to share my adventure with you. I chose this subject to draw because I knew it would be a challenge and keep me drawing for multiple sessions. My approach was as it always is which is to start drawing and complete the drawing... that simple lol. This was a different subject for me as I usually draw people out on location.

 The drawing video is a silent film - no dialog. The painting video has some explanation of my process and a little about what you can expect from my videos in the near future.

 Question: What subject could you draw and paint to shake up your mojo with something different??

 My gear:


Thursday, March 29, 2018

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I drew this girl on the train in the same drawing session as the first Sketchbook Time. I decided to play around with markers in on this one. This is the second video uploaded in about 2 years... EXCITING!!! And glad to be back. 

While working on this mural:
in West Oakland one of the artists on the mural was shot and killed right in front of me. Though I had witnessed similar events while growing up in South Central Los Angeles - this one was most devastating because I was in a happy place creating art and the was abruptly slammed into another reality in an instant and forces to stomach it. 

As the weeks and months progressed I began to spiral downward into a very dark place where I'd lost the thirst to do art. I became a civilian - stopped drawing, painting, creating video or posts for my blog. I even began to not like teaching where I quite teaching at a site I had been for almost a decade... just simply walked away from it. Ofcourse this caused a financial tornado... I just didn't care. 

Some how I got tired of being down and dormant so I began to seek ways to heal my spirit. Lots of reading and practices later I'm finally beginning to get aroused by art again. I sort of had to force myself to look at art and films and listen to music etc. This was not as easy as it sounds. You have to really want out of depression in order to get out of it. I just didn't like the life of not creating. 

I was invited to join an organization where I was teaching art and life skills in Bay Area Juvenile Hall facilities. This helped to bring me back to life. The youth were amazed by my work and some of my ideas which was inspirational for me. They'ed ask me to draw pictures of them and then watched me paint the portraits. I did many demos and to see how much they appreciated seeing me ( a positive role model) was eye opening. 

I showed them my youtube videos (they don't have internet access in juvenile hall so I had to burn my videos to DVD) and they asked for more... but I did have anymore because I had stopped due to depression. They kept asking me to do more so over time I tried but just wasn't there yet. Finally - now I'm inspired enough to upload again. I'm excited about the future of my channel so thanks for viewing this video, thumbs upin' and everything else.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Designing Characters From The Live Model

I created the drawings below as a demo during my Fundamentals of Color class at Sharon Art Studio, San Francisco. It's a 10 week course where we go through many exercises in color theory and mixing color. I had a live model in this 8th session so the students could use all that they've learned in the use of color to depict the human form. 

I created my demo using Creative Figure Drawing, where I use the live model only as a basis to build from, then using imaginative elements I design fantastical characters. I will have some video footage available soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Drawing Video!!!! This time at Century City Mall In Los Angeles

New Drawing Video!!!! This time at Century City Mall In Los Angeles

So I went to see Mission Impossible this past weekend at the AMC Century City. 'Twas' a cool movie! Afterwards I created my own festivities by drawing people right I front of the theater. The video shows a small section of the drawing session however it was a good session. I recommend drawing in public places to anyone interested in Building Confidence in your drawing skills. 

You learn how to draw people who are moving, ways to approach proportion, perspective, likeness, and lots of other great stuff. Drawing in public is a true multi-vitamin, nutrient dense with learning opportunities. All of the above topics are covered in my eBook "Drawing ToolBox" available at this link:

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Creative Action Figure Drawing!!!!!

Creative Action Figure Drawing 
Drawings I did last night at the BAMA live figure drawing session in Berkeley. Instead of simply drawing the nude model I experimented around with creating action figures. I remember playing with 12 inch 1/6 scale action figure dolls in the 80's (and still do sometimes smile emoticon 
Done in pen, tempura, watercolor and gouache.
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#broken #vintage #gijoe #character #design

Monday, May 18, 2015

Digital Drawing People At The Cafe - Demo Video

Heres the demo video of the image in the last post. It walks you through my process of sketching and painting in Adobe Photoshop.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Digital Drawing at the Cafe

Drawing people at The Mediterraneum Cafe in Berkelely. Working in Photoshop.

Vadar Creative Figure Drawing

Attending the figure modeling sessions at UC Berkeley I've been keeping up with
creative figure drawing. Being a lover of Star Wars I had to play around with some 
of its characters sooner or later. In case you don't recognize (believe it or not some 
people don't know about Star Wars) this is a sexy female version of Darth Vadar. 
Perhaps Padme' is wearing one of her husbands uniforms, waiting for him to arrive
so she can explore his secret dominatrix fetish. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cross Culture & Genre - Creative Figure Drawing

I haven't updated my blog in a while, been working working working on art. I will add all of the recent images as soon as I photograph them... quite a bit of stuff. Here is one of my recent creative figure drawings done at UC Berkeley. I've been experimenting around with a mixture of culture and genre. In this piece I examine what I call a "Sci Fi-Victorian" (Scitorian) lingerie garment, the Maroi culture tattoos and a Japanese anime Mecha head. Also mixing fine art genre with concept illustration.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Character design from creative figure drawing

18 x 24
Ink & watercolor on archival paper

This is a character design that became one of my Creative Figure Drawing sessions. Creative Figure Drawing is a practice used in the fields of illustration, animation, film and others. 

I used the live, nude figure model as a structural basis to build my design upon. The way in which I draw and Teach Drawing, using the Direct Line, makes it a fun and wondrous process to imagine into the design of the drawing without have any prior planning or previously conceived ideas of the outcome.

This drawing took about 25 - 30 minutes to draw and detail. This is only a light pass at detail. If I were to take this character design further, there would be more layers of detail conceptualized and add. However in a Creative Figure Drawing session you are able to pen & brush up an idea the move onto the next post and design. With the proper approach to drawing you can create lots of designs in one 3 hour session.

If you'd like to learn more about Creative Figure Drawing, sign-up to my mailing list (top right of this blog) I where will be revealing tips to HELP YOU DRAW more FREELY and BOLD.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Creative Figure Drawing

Been drawing at UC Berkeley figure drawing sessions. Focusing on creative figure drawing; using the figure as a basis and adding an element of imagination. The face dressing and body decor was not on the actual model - all from imagination. This is a great exercise that I teaching in my workshops for character design.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Reportage Drawing in San Francisco/ One Day Workshop - session 1

This workshop aims to focus on loosening up and drawing complex scenes with energy and expression and without hesitation or fear. During this workshop you will learn various methods, techniques, tips and tricks for how to effectively and boldly draw buildings, cityscapes, moving people and cars. We will also be drawing while riding public transit buses and trains. I will be doing lots of demonstrations to show you how I draw on public transit vehicles.
This is for beginners who wish to develop confidence as well as the advanced who would like to break out of a rigid routine and draw more loosely. 

We will be drawing on-location in various areas of San Francisco, riding trains, streetcars, buses and doing some walking.  To view more details and purchase a ticket click the link below.